Mo’Nique Reignites Oprah & Tyler Perry Feuds: Unpacking the Controversy

In the latest chapter of an ongoing saga, Mo’Nique has once again taken aim at Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, reigniting a feud that has simmered for years. The comedian’s recent tirade, delivered during Katt Williams’ tour, has stirred controversy with its racially-charged language and scathing accusations.

The Explosive Rant

Mo’Nique’s performance on stage with Katt Williams was marked by a barrage of profanity-laden insults directed at Oprah and Tyler, whom she referred to as “coon motherf*****s.” The comedian didn’t hold back, immediately launching into expletive-laced diatribes against the two entertainment moguls.

Provocative Language

Before delving into her grievances, Mo’Niq_ue made her sentiments clear, shouting, “F*** YOU OPRAH WINFREY, F*** YOU TYLER PERRY!!!” The audience was urged to echo these sentiments, setting the tone for a confrontational performance.

Audience Reaction

While some audience members joined in the verbal assault, others appeared hesitant, reflecting a divide in opinion. Mo’Niq_ue didn’t shy away from confrontation, singling out an Oprah fan and suggesting an intimate encounter to “bring O back to Black.”

Scathing Remarks

Throughout her rant, Mo’Niq_ue oscillated between feigned affection and biting criticism towards Oprah. Despite facetiously professing her love, she quickly reverted to calling her “simple-minded” and a “raggedy bitch,” showcasing the depth of animosity.

Unapologetic Stance

Mo’Nique remained steadfast in her refusal to apologize for her words, even delving into personal speculation about Oprah’s relationship with Gayle King, insinuating a romantic involvement. Her unyielding stance underscored the intensity of her convictions.

The Root of the Feud


The feud between Mo’Niq_ue, Oprah, and Tyler Perry traces back to allegations of blackballing in Hollywood. Following Mo’Nique’s refusal to participate in certain press events for the film “Precious” in 2009, tensions escalated, leading to a rift that has persisted for over a decade.

Persistent Accusations

Mo’Nique has consistently accused Oprah and Tyler of actively undermining her career, perpetuating a narrative of sabotage. Despite denials from the accused parties, the comedian has remained resolute in her claims, amplifying them across various platforms.

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Recent Revelations

In a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Mo’Niq_ue claimed to possess evidence of Tyler Perry disparaging her—a claim vehemently denied by Perry. This revelation further fueled the flames of the feud, signaling its endurance despite the passage of time.


Mo’Nique’s latest outburst against Oprah and Tyler Perry has reignited a longstanding feud characterized by animosity and mutual accusations. While the origins of the conflict stem from professional disputes, its escalation into personal attacks underscores the complexity of Hollywood dynamics and the enduring nature of celebrity feuds.


Why is Mo’Nique feuding with Oprah and Tyler Perry?

Mo’Nique alleges that Oprah and Tyler Perry blackballed her in Hollywood after she declined to participate in certain press events for the film “Precious.”

Are there any recent developments in the feud?

Yes, Mo’Nique recently claimed to have evidence of Tyler Perry bad-mouthing her, adding a new layer to the ongoing conflict.

Has Oprah or Tyler Perry responded to Mo’Nique’s allegations?

Both Oprah and Tyler Perry have denied Mo’Nique’s accusations, maintaining their innocence in the matter.

How long has the feud been ongoing?

The feud dates back over 15 years, with tensions escalating periodically over the years.

Is there a resolution in sight for this feud?

As of now, there is no indication of a resolution, as both parties remain entrenched in their positions, prolonging the feud’s duration.

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