New Miss USA Savannah Gankiewicz Crowned After Noelia Voigt’s Resignation: ‘This Decision Was Not Made Lightly’

A New Era Begins: Savannah Gankiewicz Takes the Crown

In a momentous turn of events, Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz has been crowned Miss USA 2023, stepping into the spotlight amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the organization. Gankiewicz, 28, who previously held the position of runner-up in the 2023 competition, received the prestigious honor from Governor of Hawaii Josh Green at a ceremony held in her native state on Wednesday, May 15th.

A Swift Resignation: Noelia Voigt and UmaSofia Srivastava Step Down

Earlier this month, the Miss USA realm was rocked by the unexpected resignations of Miss USA 2023, Noelia Voigt, aged 24, and Miss Teen USA 2023, UmaSofia Srivastava, aged 17. These resignations, occurring within days of each other, sent shockwaves through the pageant community and beyond.

Miss USA
Miss USA

Gankiewicz’s Remarkable Acceptance Speech

Accepting the crown amidst this tumultuous period, Gankiewicz delivered a heartfelt speech expressing her gratitude and determination to make a positive impact. “While this decision was not made lightly,” she stated, “I firmly believe that this opportunity was meant for me, and I am ready to make a positive impact with this organization that I hold dear to my heart.”

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A Call for Mental Health Awareness

Both Voigt and Srivastava cited personal reasons for their resignations, emphasizing the importance of mental health and personal values. In her Instagram announcement, Voigt urged her followers never to compromise their physical and mental well-being.

Gankiewicz’s Pledge for Change and Unity

In the wake of Voigt and Srivastava’s departures, Gankiewicz stepped up to the plate, expressing her full support for their decisions and pledging to stand united with her fellow Miss USA sisters. She vowed to ensure a seamless transition between titleholders and to advocate for mental health awareness.

Mothers Speak Out: Calls for Change Within the Pageant System

Voigt and Srivastava’s mothers, Jackeline Voigt and Barbara Srivastava, spoke out on Good Morning America, highlighting the need for changes within the Miss USA pageant system. They emphasized the importance of fostering a healthy and supportive environment for all participants.

Commitment to Positive Change

In response to these developments, the Miss USA organization issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive environment for all involved parties. They expressed their dedication to addressing concerns and implementing necessary changes.

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As Savannah Gankiewicz takes on her new role as Miss USA 2023, she faces both challenges and opportunities. With a strong commitment to mental health awareness and unity within the pageant community, she stands poised to lead by example and empower future generations of contestants.


1. What led to Noelia Voigt’s resignation as Miss USA 2023?

Noelia Voigt cited personal reasons and the importance of mental health in her decision to step down from her title.

2. Why did Savannah Gankiewicz accept the crown amidst controversy?

Despite the challenges, Gankiewicz expressed her belief in the opportunity to make a positive impact and her dedication to the organization.

3. What changes are being called for within the Miss USA pageant system?

Voices within the pageant community, including the mothers of former titleholders, are advocating for a healthier and more supportive environment for contestants.

4. How does Gankiewicz plan to support her fellow Miss USA sisters?

Gankiewicz has pledged her wholehearted support to her fellow delegates and is committed to ensuring a seamless transition between titleholders.

5. What is the Miss USA organization’s response to recent events?

The Miss USA organization has reaffirmed its commitment to addressing concerns and fostering a positive environment for all involved parties.

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