Nintendo Forcing Garry’s Mod To Delete 20 Years’ Worth Of Content

Garry’s Mod, the beloved sandbox game born from Valve’s Source modding community in 2006, is facing a significant upheaval. Recently, Nintendo issued takedown notices targeting about two decades’ worth of Nintendo-related content within Garry’s Mod. This move has stirred discussions and concerns among the gaming community, as Facepunch Studios, the developers of Garry’s Mod, diligently work to comply with Nintndo’s demands.

Understanding the Takedown

In a candid update posted on Garry’s Mod’s Steam page, Facepunch Studios acknowledged the removal of certain Nintndo-related workshop items, clarifying that these actions were initiated by Nintendo themselves. The studio expressed understanding, acknowledging Nintndo’s rights to their intellectual property and the necessity of respecting their decisions.

A Surprising Development

The abruptness of Nintendo’s enforcement raises eyebrows, considering the extensive history of Nintndo content within Garry’s Mod. For close to two decades, players have enjoyed a plethora of Nintndo-themed creations, from iconic characters like Mario to various assets imported into the Source engine. The flexibility of Garry’s Mod, coupled with the creativity of its community, fostered an environment where players could explore and interact with Nintndo-inspired content freely.


The Impact on the Community

The removal of Nintndo-themed add-ons has been ongoing for several months, although Facepunch Studios opted to disclose the takedowns publicly only recently. This process, described as Herculean by the developers, underscores the magnitude of content affected. The community now grapples with the loss of cherished creations and the need to adapt to a Garry’s Mod devoid of familiar Nintndo elements.

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Reflecting on Facepunch’s Role

While Nintndo’s stance may appear stringent, some argue that Facepunch Studios’ leniency regarding content moderation in Garry’s Mod contributed to this situation. Over the years, the studio maintained a relatively open policy towards user-generated content, inadvertently allowing copyrighted material to proliferate within the game. Consequently, Nintndo’s intervention serves as a wake-up call for stricter enforcement of intellectual property rights within the gaming ecosystem.

Moving Forward

As Facepunch Studios continues the arduous task of content removal, they humorously invite community participation in the process. Their call for users to voluntarily delete Nintndo-related uploads underscores the collaborative effort required to navigate this transitional period.

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Nintendo’s decision to compel the removal of Nintendo-related content from Garry’s Mod marks a significant shift in the gaming landscape. It highlights the complex interplay between intellectual property rights, user-generated content, and the evolving dynamics of digital platforms. While this move may disappoint some, it underscores the importance of upholding copyright laws and fostering a sustainable environment for creativity within the gaming community.


1. Why did Nintendo suddenly decide to enforce takedowns after allowing their content in Garry’s Mod for so long?

Nintendo’s decision likely stems from a reassessment of their intellectual property rights and a desire to maintain stricter control over the use of their brand assets.

Facepunch Studios is diligently working to comply with Nintendo’s demands, aiming to remove all infringing content from the game.

3. Can players still enjoy Garry’s Mod without Nintendo-themed content?

Yes, Garry’s Mod offers a wide range of user-generated content beyond Nintendo themes, ensuring players can continue to enjoy the sandbox experience.

4. How will this affect the future of user-generated content in Garry’s Mod?

The incident may prompt stricter content moderation policies within Garry’s Mod and other similar platforms, emphasizing the importance of respecting intellectual property rights.

5. Could this impact other gaming communities and platforms?

Nintendo’s actions serve as a cautionary tale for developers and players alike, highlighting the need for vigilance in adhering to copyright laws and respecting the intellectual property of others.

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