Olivia Culpo Wedding Decision: No New Boyfriends Allowed

The wedding of Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey was a star-studded event filled with love, glamour, and a few firm decisions. One such decision involved Olivia Culpo sister, Aurora Culpo, and her new boyfriend. Olivia, a former Miss Universe, and Christian, a San Francisco 49ers player, tied the knot on June 29 in Rhode Island. Amidst the celebration, a pre-wedding podcast revealed a bit of drama regarding Aurora’s plus one request.

The Controversy: A Brief Overview

Aurora’s Request

Aurora Culpo, Olivia’s older sister, brought up the idea of inviting her new boyfriend to the wedding during a podcast episode of “Barely Filtered.” She casually asked, “Can my friend come?” referring to her new partner.

Olivia Culpo Response

Olivia responded swiftly and firmly, stating, “He’s not invited to the wedding,” adding, “No, rude to invite somebody I’ve never met.” Olivia’s remarks highlighted the importance of knowing wedding guests personally, especially in such an intimate and significant event.

Understanding the Decision

Family Dynamics and Wedding Planning

Weddings are often about family and close friends. The bride and groom meticulously plan their guest list to ensure everyone present is someone they cherish. Olivia’s decision reflects a common sentiment: the desire to have a familiar and trusted circle on such a special day.

Aurora’s Perspective

Aurora found Olivia’s decision “rude” but eventually understood it wasn’t a personal affront to her boyfriend. Instead, it was about maintaining the sanctity and intimacy of the wedding.

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Setting the Record Straight

No Drama Among Sisters

Aurora clarified that despite the initial friction, there was no ongoing drama between the sisters. The new boyfriend wasn’t attending the wedding but was still welcomed to spend time with the family before the rehearsal dinner.

Olivia Culpo Wedding Decision
Olivia Culpo Wedding Decision

Public and Private Lives

Aurora, who has children with her ex-partner Mikey Bortone, has chosen to keep her new relationship relatively private. This contrasts with Olivia’s more public journey to the altar with Christian, showcasing different approaches to personal life publicity.

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Olivia Culpo and Christian’s Wedding Journey

The Importance of Support Systems

Olivia emphasized the value of mutual support in her relationship with Christian. “You have to lean on each other,” she told E! News, highlighting the strength and comfort found in sharing life’s experiences with a partner.

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Venturing Through Exciting Times Together

For Olivia, having a partner to share excitement and challenges with is a blessing. The shared journey makes every moment more meaningful, reinforcing the importance of their bond.

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Olivia Culpo’s wedding to Christian McCaffrey was a beautiful event marked by love and careful planning. The decision not to invite Aurora’s new boyfriend underscores the importance of familiarity and trust in wedding guest lists. Despite the initial disagreement, the Culpo sisters showed that family bonds remain strong, and mutual understanding prevails.


Why did Olivia Culpo not allow Aurora’s boyfriend at the wedding?

Olivia wanted only familiar and trusted guests at her intimate wedding.

Was there any drama between the Culpo sisters over this decision?

No, Aurora clarified there was no ongoing drama despite the initial disagreement.

Did Aurora’s boyfriend attend any wedding-related events?

Yes, he spent time with the family the day before the rehearsal dinner.

How did Olivia and Christian handle pre-wedding stress?

They leaned on each other for support, making the journey smoother and more enjoyable.

What does Olivia value most in her relationship with Christian?

Mutual support and sharing life’s experiences are what Olivia cherishes most.

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