Sam Mendes Beatles Movie: Why Barry Keoghan and Paul Mescal Are Perfect for the Fab Four

Sam Mendes is known for his directorial brilliance, and he’s setting his sights on a monumental project: a series of movies about The Beatles. This isn’t just any Beatles biopic. Sam Mendes plans to create four movies, each focusing on a different member of the Fab Four. Rumors are swirling about who might be cast as these iconic musicians, with names like Barry Keoghan and Paul Mescal in the mix. Let’s dive into what we know so far.

The Vision Behind Sam Mendes Beatles Movies

An Ambitious Undertaking

Announced earlier this year, Sam Mendes Beatles project is nothing short of ambitious. Instead of a single movie, Sam Mendes is crafting four films, each one told from the perspective of a different Beatle. This approach promises a deeply personal and unique view of each member’s journey.

The Fab Four: Who’s Who?

According to insider Jeff Sneider, the potential cast is star-studded:

  • John Lennon – Harris Dickinson, known for his role in The Iron Claw.
  • Paul McCartney – Paul Mescal, fresh off Gladiator II.
  • Ringo Starr – Barry Keoghan, who made waves in Saltburn.
  • George Harrison – Charlie Rowe, who shone in Rocketman.

While these names are speculative, they certainly generate excitement among fans and critics alike.

The Collaboration: Neal Street Productions and Sony Pictures

Securing the Rights

This project marks the first time Apple Corps Ltd., along with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison, have granted full life story and music rights for a scripted movie. This cooperation is a testament to Sam Mendes persuasive vision.

A Partnership Rooted in Passion

Neal Street Productions, led by Sam Mendes, has teamed up with Sony Pictures Entertainment. Pippa Harris, Sam Mendes partner at Neal Street, shared the enthusiasm: “This project springs from an idea of Sam Mendes to have The Beatles and Apple Corps blessing to do this is an immense privilege.”

The Perfect Home

From the initial meetings with Sony’s Tom Rothman and Elizabeth Gabler, it was clear they shared a passion for the project. Rothman himself acknowledged the risk but emphasized the need for a bold release strategy.

Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes

Production Timeline and Release Plans

When Will Filming Start?

Sony aims to start shooting in the U.K. by mid-2025. This timeline allows for meticulous planning and execution, ensuring the films do justice to the legendary band’s story.

Release Strategy

All four biopics are slated for a 2027 release. This synchronized release strategy is unprecedented, reflecting the ambitious nature of the project.

What to Expect From Each Movie

John Lennon’s Perspective

The first movie will delve into John Lennon’s life, exploring his creative genius, his struggles, and his profound impact on music and culture.

Paul McCartney’s Journey

The second installment will offer a glimpse into Paul McCartney’s experiences, his songwriting prowess, and his role in shaping the band’s sound.

Ringo Starr’s Story

The third film will highlight Ringo Starr’s contributions, his unique drumming style, and his personal journey within and beyond The Beatles.

George Harrison’s Influence

The final movie will focus on George Harrison, his spiritual journey, and his influence on the band’s music and philosophy.

The Cast: A Closer Look

Harris Dickinson as John Lennon

Harris Dickinson, known for his versatility, is rumored to take on the role of John Lennon. His previous performances suggest he can capture Lennon’s complex personality.

Paul Mescal as Paul McCartney

Paul Mescal’s rise to fame has been meteoric, and his potential casting as Paul McCartney is a testament to his acting chops. Fans are eager to see his portrayal of the legendary Beatle.

Barry Keoghan as Ringo Starr

Barry Keoghan, with his intense and captivating performances, is a strong contender for Ringo Starr. His ability to embody diverse characters makes him an exciting choice.

Charlie Rowe as George Harrison

Charlie Rowe’s talent shines through in every role he plays. His rumored casting as George Harrison promises a deep and nuanced performance.

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Behind the Scenes: The Creative Minds

Sam Mendes Vision

Sam Mendes is no stranger to ambitious projects. His direction is expected to bring a fresh and compelling perspective to The Beatles story, blending historical accuracy with creative storytelling.

Neal Street Productions Role

Neal Street Productions, co-founded by Sam Mendes, is spearheading the project. Their track record of producing high-quality, critically acclaimed films bodes well for the Beatles movies.

Sony Pictures Support

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s involvement ensures the project has the backing of a major studio, providing the resources and distribution channels needed for a global release.

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The Music: A Key Element

Access to Iconic Tracks

One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the access to The Beatles music. With Apple Corps Ltd.’s approval, the films will feature the band’s iconic tracks, adding authenticity and emotional depth.

Recreating the Sound

Recreating The Beatles sound will be a monumental task. The production team will work closely with music experts to ensure the soundtrack is both accurate and captivating.

Anticipation and Expectations

Fan Reactions

Fans of The Beatles are eagerly awaiting more news about the films. The rumored casting choices have sparked debates and discussions across social media platforms.

Critical Expectations

Critics are also keeping a close eye on this project. Given Sam Mendes track record and the ambitious nature of the films, expectations are high for a series that will do justice to The Beatles legacy.


Sam Mendes Beatles movies are shaping up to be a groundbreaking project in the world of biopics. With a unique perspective for each member of the Fab Four, a talented rumored cast, and the backing of Apple Corps Ltd. and Sony Pictures, these films promise to offer a fresh and engaging take on the story of one of the most influential bands in history. As we await further details and confirmations, one thing is clear: this project is set to make waves in the cinematic world.


1. When will Sam Mendes Beatles movies be released?

The movies are planned for a 2027 release, with filming expected to start in mid-2025.

2. Who are the rumored actors for the Beatles roles?

The rumored cast includes Harris Dickinson as John Lennon, Paul Mescal as Paul McCartney, Barry Keoghan as Ringo Starr, and Charlie Rowe as George Harrison.

3. What makes this project unique?

This project is unique because it consists of four separate movies, each focusing on a different member of The Beatles, offering a detailed and personal perspective on their lives and careers.

4. Has the casting been confirmed?

As of now, the casting is still speculative. These actors are rumored to be under consideration, but no official announcements have been made.

5. What involvement do The Beatles members and families have in the project?

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and the families of John Lennon and George Harrison have granted full life story and music rights for the project, showing their support and involvement.

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