SonLam Red Bull Dance Your Style Champion Named 2024 U.S. Winner

Chosen by the crowd, SonLam will go on to represent the U.S. in the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final in Mumbai on November 9.


In a spectacular display of talent and creativity, SonLam has been crowned the 2024 U.S. champion of Red Bull Dance Your Style. This achievement marks a significant milestone in SonLam’s dance career, propelling him to the global stage where he will compete in the World Final in Mumbai, India.

The Essence of Red Bull Dance Your Style

A Unique Battle Format

Red Bull Dance Your Style stands out with its unique battle format, where dancers face off in one-on-one battles. Unlike traditional dance competitions judged by a panel, this competition relies on the crowd to determine the winner, making audience engagement a critical factor.

Celebrating Street Dance Diversity

The competition celebrates all styles of street dance, including hip-hop, waacking, locking, and popping. This inclusivity allows dancers from diverse backgrounds to showcase their skills and unique styles.

The 2024 U.S. National Final in Atlanta


A Vibrant Dance Hub

Atlanta, known as the capital of hip-hop and viral street dance, hosted the 2024 U.S. National Final. The city’s rich dance culture, which birthed iconic moves like the Bankhead Bounce and the Nae Nae, provided the perfect backdrop for this electrifying event.

A Weekend of Dance Celebration

Over the weekend, top dancers from across the country gathered in Atlanta to celebrate the diverse dance communities. The event featured a series of workshops, battles, and performances, immersing attendees in the world of street dance.

Meet the Champion: SonLam

SonLam’s Dance Journey

SonLam Nguyen, a popping sensation with thirteen years of experience, has made a significant impact on the dance scene. His dance journey is a testament to his self-mastery, inclusivity, and innovative approach to popping, blending contemporary dance elements to create dynamic movement patterns.

Representing Vietnamese Identity

For SonLam, Red Bull Dance Your Style is more than just a competition. It’s an opportunity to represent his Vietnamese identity and connect with the global dance community. His journey from winning ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in Vietnam to becoming the U.S. champion is a testament to his dedication and talent.

The Champion’s Reflection

“This feels like a dream,” SonLam said. “I feel grateful that so many components play a part in this achievement. It’s a flashback of family from my home country, Vietnam, to my crew mates and mentors in Vietnam and the U.S. I’m lucky to have this support—I wouldn’t be able to express myself this way otherwise. I’m super excited to go to the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final. There’s nothing more I can do than be me and enjoy how I feel and share that with the audience. That is what I focus on. It’s purely belief in myself.”


The National Final Highlights

Showcasing Elite Dancers

The national final featured a lineup of 16 elite dancers, including fan favorites like two-time finalist Kid Nimbus, freestyle dancer Daisy VMZ, and hip-hop extraordinaire Beasty. These dancers put their freestyle and musicality skills to the test, wowing the crowd with their performances.

Soulja Boy’s Electrifying Performance

Atlanta legend and GRAMMY®-nominated artist Soulja Boy took the stage, energizing the crowd with his hit songs. His performance set the perfect tone for the grand finale, where dancers gave their all to claim the national title.

The Final Showdown

The competition culminated in a thrilling final battle between SonLam and J-Noy, the Red Bull Dance Your Style North USA Regional Qualifier winner. SonLam’s popping, musicality, and crowd-pleasing performance ultimately secured his victory.

Workshops and Community Engagement

Immersive Dance Workshops

Red Bull hosted a series of workshops during the weekend to immerse the community in street dance culture. Highlights included a voguing workshop by Renaissance Tour dancer Honey Balenciaga, which offered participants a chance to learn from one of the best in the field.

5v5 Showcase Battle

The event also featured a 5v5 showcase battle between Team Africa and Team USA. This thrilling showdown included afro-dance icons like Hooliboy and Kananelo, as well as freestyle favorites Toyin and The Crown, showcasing the global influence and diversity of street dance.

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The 2024 Dance Season Recap

Nationwide Competitions

The 2024 season of Red Bull Dance Your Style amplified dance scenes from all corners of the country. Competitions were held in cities like Tampa, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Kansas City, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, Memphis, and Chicago, each contributing to the vibrant dance culture.

Looking Forward to Mumbai

After an exciting season in the U.S., the journey continues to Mumbai for the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final. This event, marking the fifth edition of the World Final and the first in India, promises to bring together the best dancers from around the globe for an unforgettable showdown.


SonLam’s victory at the Red Bull Dance Your Style National Final USA is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication. As he prepares to represent the U.S. in the World Final in Mumbai, the global dance community eagerly anticipates his performance. With his unique style and passion for dance, SonLam is set to make a significant impact on the world stage.


1. What is Red Bull Dance Your Style?

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global street dance competition with a unique one-on-one battle format where the crowd determines the winner.

2. Who is SonLam?

SonLam Nguyen is a talented popping dancer with thirteen years of experience, known for his innovative approach to dance and his Vietnamese identity.

3. Where was the 2024 U.S. National Final held?

The 2024 U.S. National Final was held in Atlanta, a city renowned for its rich hip-hop and street dance culture.

4. What makes Red Bull Dance Your Style unique?

The competition’s unique format, which relies on crowd participation to determine the winner, and its celebration of diverse street dance styles set it apart.

5. When and where is the World Final?

The Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final will be held on November 9, 2024, in Mumbai, India.

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