Star Wars Infinities: Did Peter David Nearly Give Us Darth Leia?!

In the realm of never-published comic stories, one intriguing tale stands out: Peter David’s vision for an alternate reality Star Wars narrative, deemed “too dark” by the powers that be. Welcome to “Nothing Was Delivered,” where we delve into announced comic projects that never saw the light of day. Join us as we uncover the reasons behind their demise, and feel free to share your own examples with us for future columns.

Exploring Star Wars Infinities

In 2001, Dark Horse Comics introduced a groundbreaking series to its Star Wars lineup: Infinities. The concept was deceptively simple yet incredibly inventive – akin to Marvel’s “What If…?” comics. Star Wars: Infinities explored alternate timelines within the galaxy far, far away, presenting captivating scenarios that diverged from familiar narratives.

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A Darker Turn

Enter Peter David, a luminary in the world of comic book writing. Originally slated to pen a tale for Star_Wars: Infinities, David’s plans took a darker twist than anticipated. His vision, outlined on his personal website, hinted at a narrative where Leia Organa, our beloved princess, succumbed to the shadows as Darth Leia.

The Unseen Story Unveiled

In David’s rendition, we would have witnessed a chilling transformation as Leia, bereaved by the destruction of Yavin 4, veered towards the dark side. This tantalizing premise promised a narrative unlike any other in the Star_Wars canon – a journey into the depths of despair and redemption.

Star Wars
Star Wars

A Missed Opportunity

Alas, David’s vision never materialized, deemed too grim for the likes of Lucasfilm and Dark Horse Comics. Yet, the mere glimpse into this alternate reality leaves fans wondering what could have been – a testament to the creative breadth of the Star_Wars universe.

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Conclusion: A Dark Shadow Cast

In the annals of Star_Wars lore, Peter David’s unrealized tale stands as a testament to the franchise’s boundless potential. While Darth Leia may remain confined to the realm of speculation, her shadow lingers, a reminder of the infinite possibilities that lie within the galaxy far, far away.


1. Why did Peter David’s story get rejected?

Peter David’s narrative took a darker turn than expected, diverging significantly from the tone preferred by Lucasfilm and Dark Horse Comics.

2. Will we ever see Darth Leia in official Star Wars canon?

While unlikely, the allure of alternate timelines ensures that the possibility remains tantalizingly open.

3. Are there other examples of “What If…?” style stories in Star Wars?

Yes, Star Wars Infinities paved the way for exploring alternate narratives within the franchise, albeit with different creative teams at the helm.

4. How did fans react to the concept of Darth Leia?

Opinions varied, with some intrigued by the darker exploration of Leia’s character, while others preferred to uphold her iconic status as a symbol of hope.

5. Is there hope for Peter David’s story to see the light of day in the future?

Never say never in the realm of storytelling. While the likelihood may be slim, fan demand and evolving creative landscapes could potentially resurrect David’s vision in some form.

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