Teen Mom Alum Amber Portwood Engaged to Gary: Exclusive Details Revealed!

Amber Portwood, the familiar face from “Teen Mom,” has exciting news to share. Us Weekly has exclusively revealed that Amber is now engaged to her boyfriend, Gary. This marks a significant and joyous milestone in her life, especially considering her tumultuous past relationships. Let’s dive deeper into this heartwarming development.

The Proposal: A Special Moment

A close source to Amber Portwood disclosed that the proposal took place within the last two weeks. The engagement ring holds a sentimental value as it was crafted from a family stone that has been reset into a new ring. This adds a touch of heritage and intimacy to their engagement, making it truly special.

Amber’s Joy and Happiness

“She’s really, really happy,” the source added, emphasizing Amber’s elation. This engagement seems to be a bright spot in her life, showcasing her current state of happiness and stability.

Teen Mom
Teen Mom

Building a Strong Foundation

Amber and Gary have been proactive in their relationship, participating in couple’s therapy and ensuring open communication. They are committed to addressing potential issues before they arise, laying down a solid foundation for their future together.

A New Relationship Journey

In January, Us Weekly reported that Amber, 34, had started dating a new man. She met Gary on a dating app about four months ago. They took their time to get to know each other, which has now blossomed into a serious relationship. Gary, who resides locally in Amber’s hometown of Indianapolis, has been a positive influence in her life.

Meet Gary: A Family-Oriented Man

Gary, in his late 30s, does not have children of his own but is very family-oriented. He takes care of his parents, showing his nurturing and responsible side. This attribute likely resonates with Amber, who has two children from previous relationships.

An Organic Romance

Unlike Amber’s past relationships, Gary had never watched “Teen Mom” before meeting her. This lack of preconceived notions about her from the show allowed their relationship to develop more naturally. “All the guys Amber has dated before she met on social media and were fans of the show,” the source noted. “This new man in her life has actually never seen ‘Teen Mom,’ so she feels she can finally date in the way she’s always wanted to.”

Amber’s Reality TV Journey

Amber’s life has been in the public eye since she appeared on “16 and Pregnant” in 2009. She later joined “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom OG,” documenting her personal struggles and growth until 2021. Amber made a comeback in the franchise with “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” in 2022 and “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” in 2023.

Amber’s Family: Leah and James

Amber shares her daughter Leah with her ex, Gary Shirley. They were together from 2008 to 2011. She also has a son, James, with Andrew Glennon, whom she dated from 2017 to 2019. Despite the challenges, Amber has worked hard to maintain a good relationship with her children.

Leah’s Custody Journey

Leah was born in November 2008. In 2011, after a fight between Amber and Gary Shirley led to Amber’s arrest in 2010, Shirley was granted full custody of Leah. However, the source noted that Amber and Gary now coparent amicably.

Teen Mom
Teen Mom

James’ Custody Battle

James was born in May 2018. Following a 2019 altercation, Amber and Andrew Glennon split, leading to a custody battle. In 2022, Glennon was granted full custody of James, who now lives with him in California. Amber continues to navigate this difficult situation as best as she can.

Reflections on Personal Struggles

In 2022, Amber opened up about her struggles after losing custody of James. She stated, “I’ve worked so hard to better myself and improve my relationships with my children. While I’ve always been candid about my past substance abuse and struggles with mental illness, a person should have the chance to redeem themselves and not be tethered to their problems from the past.”

Teen Mom Previous Engagements

Amber has been engaged before. She was engaged to Gary Shirley during their relationship and to Matt Baier from 2015 to 2017. Despite these engagements, she has never been married. Her current engagement to Gary signifies a hopeful new beginning.

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Looking Forward to the Future

Amber and Gary’s engagement marks a promising new chapter in her life. They have shown a commitment to making their relationship work through open communication and therapy. This approach sets a positive tone for their future together.

Amber’s Commitment to Growth

Amber’s journey has been marked by ups and downs, but her commitment to personal growth and improving her relationships is commendable. She continues to strive for a better future for herself and her children.

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Amber Portwood’s engagement to Gary brings a refreshing and hopeful perspective to her life story. With a strong foundation, open communication, and a supportive partner, Amber is poised for a brighter future. This new chapter is a testament to her resilience and determination to find happiness and stability.


Who is Amber Portwood engaged to?

Amber Portwood is engaged to her boyfriend, Gary.

How did Amber and Gary meet?

Amber and Gary met on a dating app about four months ago.

What is special about Amber’s engagement ring?

Amber’s engagement ring is crafted from a family stone that has been reset into a new ring.

How many children does Amber Portwood have?

Amber has two children, a daughter Leah with Gary Shirley and a son James with Andrew Glennon.

What shows has Amber Portwood been on?

Amber has appeared on “16 and Pregnant,” “Teen Mom,” “Teen Mom OG,” “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” and “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.”

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