Double Standards in Romance Genre: Ambika Mod explores the twisted double standards in the romance genre, shedding light on the unfair treatment of female characters.

Challenges of Playing Emma: Mod, a woman of color, discusses the challenges she faced stepping into the role of Emma Morley and the additional scrutiny she anticipated.

Protective of Emma: The actor expresses her protective feelings toward Emma and emphasizes society's tendency to not give female characters the same respect as their male counterparts.

Emma's Unapologetic Nature: Mod defends Emma's unapologetic character, asserting that the criticism takes away from the agency and realism of her story.

Confidence in the Role: Mod reflects on her journey of gaining confidence in playing Emma, highlighting the transformative process throughout the eight-month shoot.

Friends-to-Lovers Preference: The actor shares her personal preference for friends-to-lovers relationships, drawing parallels to the ultimate friends-to-lovers story in "One Day."

Romance in Present Day: Mod speculates on whether the romance between Emma and Dexter would survive in today's dating culture, considering the changes in communication dynamics.

Jim Sturgess's Reaction: Mod discusses Jim Sturgess's positive reaction to the series, debunking any notions of stolen thunder or competition.

Criticism of Emma's Choices: The actor addresses the criticism of Emma's perceived waiting for Dexter, emphasizing the realism and agency in her character's story.

Double Standards in the Romance Genre (Again): Mod reflects on the broader issue of double standards in the romance genre, particularly the unequal recognition of male and female protagonists.

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