Jonathan Scott Teases Drew’s Extravagant Wedding Before His Own

Jonathan Scott, known for his role on “Property Brothers,” has a knack for humor, especially when it comes to his twin brother, Drew Scott. Recently, Jonathan Scott couldn’t resist poking fun at Drew’s lavish wedding to Linda Phan, as he and his fiancée, Zooey Deschanel, prepare for their own nuptials.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Appearance

During a joint appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on June 4, Jonathan Scott playfully teased Drew about his extravagant wedding. The brothers’ friendly banter provided a glimpse into their contrasting views on weddings.

Drew Scott’s Extravagant Wedding

Drew Scott’s wedding to Linda Phan in 2018 was nothing short of grand. Held at La Piazza del Borgo in Puglia, Italy, the event saw over 300 guests in attendance, turning the picturesque location into a bustling hub of celebration.

The Wedding Location: Puglia, Italy

Puglia, known for its stunning landscapes and charming architecture, served as the perfect backdrop for Drew and Linda’s big day. However, the sheer number of guests proved to be more than the resort could handle.

Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott

The Overwhelming Guest List

Drew and Linda invited 350 people, expecting a smaller turnout due to the destination. To their surprise, 310 guests showed up, much to Drew’s astonishment and delight. This unexpected turnout led to a memorable, albeit crowded, celebration.

Jonathan Scott Reaction to the Guest List

Jonathan Scott reaction to the guest list was one of disbelief. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, he joked about having a panic attack upon hearing the number of attendees. His lighthearted jabs highlighted the stark difference between his and Drew’s wedding preferences.

Behind the Scenes: Camera Crew Chaos

Adding to the chaos, Drew’s wedding was filmed by a camera crew, capturing every moment of the event. Jonathan Scott humorously recalled how the crew followed him everywhere, even during private moments, adding to the extravagance of the day.

Jonathan and Zooey’s Wedding Plans

In contrast to Drew’s grand affair, Jonathan and Zooey are planning a more intimate celebration. Jonathan shared their vision during the show, emphasizing their desire for a simple yet meaningful event surrounded by loved ones.

A More Intimate Celebration

Jonathan and Zooey’s wedding will focus on intimacy and personal connections. They plan to keep the guest list small, ensuring that they can share special moments with each attendee. This approach reflects their preference for quality over quantity.

Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott

Multiple Celebrations for Loved Ones

The couple is also planning multiple small celebrations. After their initial intimate ceremony, they will host a second party for friends in Los Angeles, ensuring that all their loved ones can join in the festivities.

Jonathan Scottish Heritage

One unique aspect of Jonathan’s wedding plans is his intention to wear a kilt, honoring his Jonathan Scottish heritage. This choice has sparked playful debates between him and Zooey, particularly about the traditional practice of wearing nothing underneath.

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Zooey’s Reaction to the Kilt

Zooey’s reaction to Jonathan’s kilt plans has been both supportive and humorous. While she appreciates the homage to his roots, she jokingly insists that he should wear something underneath, adding a light-hearted touch to their wedding preparations.

Comparing the Brothers’ Wedding Styles

The contrasting wedding styles of the Jonathan Scott brothers are a testament to their distinct personalities. While Drew opted for a lavish and widely attended celebration, Jonathan prefers a more subdued and intimate approach. Both styles reflect their unique journeys and preferences.

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Final Thoughts

Jonathan and Drew Scott’s differing views on weddings highlight the beauty of individuality. As Jonathan and Zooey Deschanel prepare for their special day, their focus on intimacy and personal connections promises a heartfelt celebration. Meanwhile, Drew and Linda’s grand affair stands as a testament to their love and the joy of sharing their happiness with many.


1. What made Drew Scott’s wedding so extravagant?

Drew Scott’s wedding was held in Puglia, Italy, and featured over 300 guests, a picturesque location, and a camera crew capturing every moment, making it a grand affair.

2. How many guests did Drew and Linda invite to their wedding?

They invited 350 guests, expecting a smaller turnout due to the destination. However, 310 guests attended the wedding.

3. What are Jonathan and Zooey’s wedding plans?

Jonathan and Zooey are planning a small, intimate celebration with their loved ones, followed by a second party for friends in Los Angeles.

4. Why is Jonathan Scottish wearing a kilt for his wedding?

Jonathan plans to wear a kilt to honor his Jonathan Scottish heritage, a choice that has led to playful discussions with Zooey about traditional practices.

5. How do Jonathan and Drew’s wedding styles differ?

Drew’s wedding was extravagant and widely attended, while Jonathan’s upcoming wedding is planned to be intimate and personal, reflecting their distinct personalities and preferences.

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