Destiny 3 Speculation as Final Shape Launches

As Bungie launches Destiny 2’s expansion, The Final Shape, fans believe one developer has teased Destiny 3 with a series of cryptic tweets.

Introduction: A New Chapter for Destiny?

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Final Shape, is here, bringing the culmination of a decade-long story arc. With its release, speculation about the future of the franchise has intensified, especially after some intriguing tweets from a Bungie developer.

The Final Shape: Conclusion or Beginning?

The Story So Far

The Final Shape places players inside the Traveler for a climactic showdown against The Witness. This expansion aims to wrap up ten years of complex and often bewildering storytelling, promising answers to many of the community’s burning questions.

Bungie’s Future Plans

Despite the promise of a conclusion, Bungie has hinted that The Final Shape isn’t the end for Destiny 2 or the series as a whole. The developer, now under Sony’s wing, is also working on a multiplayer game called Marathon. This raises questions about what lies beyond The Final Shape.

Destiny 3
Destiny 3

Cryptic Tweets from Bungie

Luke Smith’s Intriguing Messages

Bungie’s executive creative director, Luke Smith, recently shared a series of tweets discussing the road to The Final Shape’s release. Notably, Smith’s repeated use of the word “Hope” has sparked widespread speculation among the Destiny community.

The Power of “Hope”

Smith’s tweet reads: “Our Hope is always the same with Destiny games, expansions, seasons, DLCs, exotic missions, secret missions, in-game events, merchandise, et cetera – we genuinely Hope you enjoy the time you spend with it. Anything we’ve made or will make, that’s the Hope.”

Community Reactions

This tweet has ignited a flurry of theories among Destiny fans. Some believe it’s a hint at Destiny 3, while others think it might reference Paul McCartney’s Destiny song “Hope for the Future.”

Destiny 3
Destiny 3

The Final Shape’s Three Episodes


The first episode, Echoes, kicks off next week on June 11, 2024. It sets the stage for the concluding arc of The Final Shape, offering players new challenges and story developments.


Scheduled for October 2024, Revenant continues the story, delving deeper into the mysteries surrounding The Witness and the Traveler.


Heresy, set to release in February 2025, promises to bring The Final Shape’s narrative to a thrilling conclusion. However, Bungie is known for making changes, so fans should stay tuned for updates.

Destiny 3
Destiny 3

What Comes After The Final Shape?

Speculations on Destiny 3

With The Final Shape concluding Destiny 2’s story, many fans are speculating about Destiny 3. This could be an opportunity for Bungie to reset the series, potentially with a next-gen entry point that attracts new players.

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A New Beginning or the End?

After a decade with Destiny, Bungie might decide to explore new franchises, much like it did when it moved on from Halo. Only time will tell what the future holds.

Destiny 3
Destiny 3

Bungie’s Potential New Ventures

Marathon and Beyond

In addition to Destiny, Bungie is working on a multiplayer game called Marathon. This could signify the studio’s shift towards new projects and a broader gaming portfolio.


As Bungie launches The Final Shape, the Destiny community is abuzz with speculation about what comes next. Luke Smith’s cryptic tweets have only added fuel to the fire, leading many to wonder if Destiny 3 is on the horizon. Whether this marks the end of an era or the beginning of a new chapter, one thing is clear: the Destiny universe continues to captivate and intrigue its players.


1. What is The Final Shape in Destiny 2?

The Final Shape is the latest expansion in Destiny 2, bringing a climactic conclusion to the game’s overarching story by placing players inside the Traveler for a final showdown against The Witness.

2. Has Bungie confirmed Destiny 3?

As of now, Bungie has not officially confirmed Destiny 3. However, recent cryptic tweets from Bungie’s executive creative director, Luke Smith, have fueled speculation about its possibility.

3. What are the episodes of The Final Shape?

The Final Shape consists of three episodes: Echoes, set to launch on June 11, 2024; Revenant, scheduled for October 2024; and Heresy, planned for February 2025.

4. What is Bungie’s new game Marathon?

Marathon is a new multiplayer game currently being developed by Bungie. Details about the game are still scarce, but it signifies Bungie’s efforts to expand its gaming portfolio beyond Destiny.

5. What does Luke Smith’s tweet about “Hope” mean?

Luke Smith’s tweet, which repeatedly mentions “Hope,” has led to speculation about the future of the Destiny series. Some fans believe it hints at Destiny 3, while others think it references Paul McCartney’s Destiny song “Hope for the Future.”

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