Four Lads in Jeans: Recreating Viral Fame in Euro 2024 Advert


The viral sensation known as the “Four Lads in Jeans” has made a comeback, recreating their iconic pose for a new Euro 2024 advertisement by Paddy Power. This quartet, who became internet famous back in 2020, is once again capturing the public’s attention in a fresh and humorous ad campaign. Let’s dive into the details of this amusing ad and the story behind these unlikely celebrities.

The Viral Origin: How It All Began

A Casual Brunch Turned Viral Sensation

Jamie Phillips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney, and Alex Lacey never imagined that a casual brunch in Birmingham would catapult them to internet stardom. During their outing, they asked a passerby to snap a picture of them, which seemed like a typical group photo. Little did they know, this image would explode across social media.

Four Lads in Jeans
Four Lads in Jeans

The Memefication

The photo initially didn’t attract much attention, but once it was picked up and shared with humorous captions, it transformed into a viral meme. The lads, in their skinny jeans and casual shirts, became the embodiment of an era’s fashion faux pas, sparking countless parodies and remixes online.

The Euro 2024 Paddy Power Advert

A Nostalgic Reenactment

In the latest Paddy Power advert, the Four Lads in Jeans have brought their famous pose back to life. This time, they’re not just striking a pose; they’re part of a larger, comedic narrative that celebrates Euro 2024.

Four Lads in Jeans
Four Lads in Jeans

Star-Studded Cameos

The ad features notable appearances by former EastEnders star Danny Dyer and ex-England international footballer Peter Crouch. Dyer humorously strips down to swimming trunks and serves pints, while Crouch adds his signature charm to the mix. Their involvement adds a layer of star power and comedy to the campaign.

England’s Euro 2024 Ambitions

A Shot at Glory

England is considered one of the favorites to win the Euro 2024 tournament, seeking to capture their first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup. The advert taps into this national pride, showing the quartet being admired for their “effortless style” by a stylish Italian woman, adding a humorous twist as she exclaims “Mamma Mia.”

Four Lads in Jeans
Four Lads in Jeans

Behind the Meme: The Four Lads’ Perspective

Connor Humpage’s Reflections

Connor Humpage has spoken about the group’s unexpected rise to fame, recalling how the viral nature of the photo was a complete surprise. “We just went on a lad’s boozy brunch and asked a random stranger to take a picture of us and then all of a sudden it went viral,” he said.

What many people didn’t realize was that the lads had already moved on from skinny jeans by the time the photo went viral. The snapshot captured a fleeting moment in fashion, which led to some misconceptions about their style choices.

Previous Promotional Gigs

From McDonald’s to the Brit Awards

This isn’t the first time the Four Lads have leveraged their internet fame for promotional work. They’ve appeared in ads for McDonald’s and Sony noise-cancelling headphones, showcasing their versatility and appeal. They even made a cheeky appearance with comedian Jack Whitehall during the 2022 Brit Awards.

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Immortalized in Sculpture

Their likeness was immortalized in a sculpture by artist William Douglas, also known as Tat Vision. The unveiling took place in August 2022, right where the original photo was taken outside All Bar One in Grand Central. This artistic tribute cements their place in pop culture history.


The Four Lads in Jeans have proven that a single photograph can lead to unexpected and exciting opportunities. From viral fame to starring in high-profile adverts, Jamie, Connor, Kevin, and Alex have embraced their meme status and turned it into a series of memorable and entertaining ventures. As they continue to pop up in popular media, we can only anticipate what hilarious project they’ll take on next.


1. Who are the Four Lads in Jeans?

The Four Lads in Jeans are Jamie Phillips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney, and Alex Lacey, who became internet famous after their group photo went viral in 2020.

2. What is the new Euro 2024 advert about?

The new Euro 2024 advert by Paddy Power features the Four Lads in Jeans recreating their iconic pose, along with appearances by Danny Dyer and Peter Crouch.

3. Why did the original photo go viral?

The original photo went viral because it was shared with humorous captions and became a meme that resonated with many people online.

4. What other promotional work have the lads done?

They have appeared in advertisements for McDonald’s, Sony noise-cancelling headphones, and participated in a sketch for the 2022 Brit Awards with Jack Whitehall.

5. How has their viral fame impacted them?

Their viral fame has opened up various promotional opportunities, allowed them to work with celebrities, and even led to a sculpture being made in their honor.

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