Gypsy Rose Blanchard Lawsuit: Blogger Defamation and Medical Records

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who became widely known after her involvement in the tragic case surrounding her mother’s murder, is now in the headlines for a very different reason. Gypsy is taking legal action against a blogger she claims has been maliciously attacking her and her family online.

The Background of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Who is Gypsy Rose Blanchard?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard became a notable figure due to the complex and tragic story involving her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Dee Dee was found murdered in 2015, and it was later revealed that Gypsy had been a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, where Dee Dee fabricated illnesses and disabilities in Gypsy to gain attention and sympathy.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard
Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy’s Incarceration and Release

Gypsy was sentenced to prison for her role in the murder of her mother. However, she was released early for good behavior in 2023, having served her time. Her release was highly publicized, and she has been working to rebuild her life ever since.

The Allegations Against April Johns

Meeting Franchesca Macelli

In the lawsuit, Gypsy Rose Blanchard alleges that she and her family were approached by April Johns, who introduced herself as Franchesca Macelli in 2017. Macelli proposed a media partnership, promising lucrative projects based on Gypsy’s story.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard
Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Promises and Broken Trust

Gypsy claims Macelli convinced her and her family to sign a life rights agreement, promising substantial financial returns from various media projects. Over the course of two years, Gypsy shared intimate details of her life, including medical records and crime scene photos, with Macelli, trusting her to follow through on her promises.

The Downfall of the Partnership

Unfulfilled Promises

Despite the detailed and sensitive information shared, Gypsy asserts that Macelli failed to produce any of the promised projects. After realizing that nothing was coming to fruition, Gypsy and her family decided to sever ties with Macelli.

The Fallout

Following the termination of their relationship, Gypsy claims that Macelli began a smear campaign against her and her family. According to Gypsy, Macelli started spreading false stories online, tarnishing their reputation and even releasing some of the confidential information Gypsy had provided.

Fraud and Breach of Contract

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is suing Macelli for multiple reasons, including fraud, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. She alleges that Macelli misrepresented herself and her intentions from the beginning, leading to significant emotional and reputational damage.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard
Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Defamation and False Light

In addition to the claims of fraud, Gypsy is accusing Macelli of defamation and false light. She contends that the stories spread by Macelli were not only false but also designed to paint her and her family in a negative light, damaging their public image.

The Impact of Online Slander

Personal and Professional Repercussions

Gypsy’s lawsuit highlights the severe impact that online defamation can have on an individual’s life. The false accusations and release of personal information have reportedly caused considerable distress and hindered Gypsy’s efforts to rebuild her life post-incarceration.

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The Role of Social Media

The case underscores the power and potential danger of social media platforms. With Macelli allegedly having a following on Patreon and other platforms, her posts reached a wide audience, amplifying the harm done to Gypsy and her family.

Gypsy’s Plea for Justice

Seeking an Emergency Restraining Order

As part of her lawsuit, Gypsy is seeking an emergency restraining order to prevent Macelli from continuing her defamatory posts. This legal measure aims to halt the ongoing damage to Gypsy’s reputation and provide some relief from the harassment.

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Upcoming Court Hearing

A court hearing has been scheduled to discuss the restraining order request. This hearing will be a crucial step in determining whether Gypsy can secure legal protection from further online attacks by Macelli.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s legal battle against April Johns (aka Franchesca Macelli) is a stark reminder of the far-reaching consequences of online defamation. As Gypsy seeks justice and aims to protect her privacy, her case could set an important precedent for others facing similar issues. The outcome of this lawsuit will undoubtedly be watched closely by many, as it not only affects Gypsy’s future but also highlights the broader implications of internet harassment and the misuse of personal information.


1. What is Gypsy Rose Blanchard suing for?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is suing April Johns for fraud, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, defamation, and false light.

2. Why did Gypsy Rose Blanchard trust April Johns?

Gypsy trusted April Johns, who presented herself as Franchesca Macelli, because she promised to produce lucrative media projects based on Gypsy’s story.

3. What kind of information did Gypsy Rose Blanchard share with April Johns?

Gypsy shared sensitive information, including medical records and crime scene photos, with April Johns.

4. What is Gypsy Rose Blanchard seeking from the lawsuit?

Gypsy is seeking damages for the alleged harm caused and an emergency restraining order to stop April Johns from continuing her defamatory posts.

5. When is the court hearing scheduled?

The court hearing to discuss the restraining order request is scheduled for this week.

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