WNBA Players Condemn Kelly Loeffler in New Doc

The new documentary from Prime Video Sports explores how WNBA players united to condemn former team owner Kelly Loeffler in 2020. When much of the sports world joined together in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the WNBA was at the forefront — and now their stars are recounting their fight for social justice in a new documentary.

Introduction: The Power of the Dream

The new documentary, Power of the Dream, explores how WNBA players united against Republican former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. The doc, which streams on Prime Video next month, was produced by Dawn Porter, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, former WNBA Players star Sue Bird, and current Seattle Storm player Nneka Ogwumike, and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the trailer.

The WNBA’s Commitment to Social Justice

When the WNBA announced they would embrace the Black Lives Matter movement by allowing players to wear warm-up uniforms with the movement’s name and slogans, including “Say Her Name” in honor of Breonna Taylor, it was a pivotal moment. This decision highlighted the league’s commitment to social justice and the voices of its predominantly Black players.

Kelly Loeffler’s Opposition

Loeffler, however, sent a letter to commissioner Cathy Engelbert, opposing the league’s decision. She wrote, “The truth is, we need less — not more — politics in sports.” This stance from a team owner was shocking and disheartening for many within the league, especially considering the demographic of the players.

WNBA Players
WNBA Players

Elizabeth Williams’ Reaction

Former Dream player Elizabeth Williams expressed her dismay in the trailer, stating, “When Kelly made her statement, it was very disheartening knowing her role owning a team that is predominantly Black women.”

The Players’ Response

Sue Bird recalls in the trailer, “Players are mad,” indicating the collective frustration and determination among the players to seek “action-based” solutions. This was not just about words; it was about taking meaningful action.

Research and Support for Raphael Warnock

Layshia Clarendon, a former member of the Dream who was vocal about her disapproval of Loeffler’s ownership, explains that she and her teammates began researching now-Senator Raphael Warnock, who was running against Loeffler, the incumbent in Georgia. This research led to active support for Warnock.

WNBA Players
WNBA Players

Warnock’s Perspective

Warnock, who sat down for an interview in Power of the Dream, praised the players, saying they were “laying it all on the line” in the trailer. The players’ support was a significant boost to his campaign.

Ogwumike’s Insight

“This is a moment where it’s bigger than basketball,” Nneka Ogwumike shares, as the trailer shows footage of players wearing “Vote Warnock” shirts during the 2020 season. The players were using their platform to advocate for broader social and political change.

The Outcome: Changing Ownership

Ultimately, Loeffler was removed from the organization’s ownership. Former Dream player Renee Montgomery joined a three-member investor group comprised of Larry Gottesdiener, chairman of real estate firm Northland, and Northland President and Chief Operating Officer Suzanne Abair to take over the team.

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The Power of Unity

In a statement to PEOPLE, Sue Bird emphasizes the importance of unity, stating she hopes viewers take away “the power of coming together in a group to accomplish a goal” when watching the documentary. Bird’s reflections highlight how the collective strength of the players enabled them to face challenges and push for significant change.

Porter’s Perspective

Porter, who also directed Power of the Dream, tells PEOPLE, “I think there’s so many meanings to the power of the dream. There’s the actual Atlanta Dream, but then there’s the power of the vision that they had. It was a strong vision, and it was so clear that they could follow it.”

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Key Moments in the Documentary

Porter points out a particularly moving moment in the documentary: “There’s a specific part in the film where Layshia is like, ‘I need a break.’ And Sue is like, ‘We got you.’ And so you see that they are stronger together, those women. They leaned on each other. So there’s power in the relationships. There’s power in the message. There’s power in the purpose. I think the film shows all of those things.”

The Significance of the Documentary

Power of the Dream premieres June 18 on Amazon Prime Video, offering viewers a chance to witness the impactful story of WNBA players’ fight for social justice. This documentary not only highlights their unity and determination but also underscores the broader implications of their actions in the realm of sports and politics.


The WNBA Players stand against Kelly Loeffler during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement is a testament to the power of unity and social justice. Power of the Dream captures this critical moment in sports history, showcasing the courage and resilience of WNBA players who stood up for what they believed in. This documentary serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact that collective action can have in driving meaningful change.


1. What is the documentary “Power of the Dream” about?

“Power of the Dream” is a documentary that explores how WNBA players united to condemn former team owner Kelly Loeffler during the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

2. Who produced the documentary?

The documentary was produced by Dawn Porter, Tracee Ellis Ross, Sue Bird, and Nneka Ogwumike.

3. Why did WNBA players oppose Kelly Loeffler?

WNBA players opposed Kelly Loeffler due to her public stance against the Black Lives Matter movement and her ownership of a team with predominantly Black players.

4. What was the outcome of the players’ opposition to Loeffler?

Kelly Loeffler was removed from ownership of the team, and a new investor group, including former player Renee Montgomery, took over.

5. When and where can I watch “Power of the Dream”?

“Power of the Dream” premieres on June 18 on Amazon Prime Video.

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