Nemo Eurovision Success: “The Code” Becomes a Chart Smash

It’s not just Eurovision success that Nemo has mastered the code for; the Contest winner has now gone on to achieve chart glory all over Europe too. It was a momentous occasion on Saturday, 11 May when Nemo became the first non-binary artist to lift the Eurovision Song Contest trophy after their song “The Code” triumphed in the Grand Final and brought a third win to Switzerland.

A Historic Eurovision Win

Nemo’s victory at Eurovision marked a significant milestone, not just for the artist but for the competition’s history. The Grand Final, held in Malmö, was a night to remember as “The Code” resonated with audiences across Europe, culminating in an unforgettable win.

Immediate Streaming Success

The day after the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, interest in the champion song was understandably high. On Sunday, 12 May, “The Code” garnered 3,756,700 streams on Spotify alone. This impressive tally catapulted the song into the global spotlight.

Spotify Global Daily Chart Impact

Nemo’s debut on the Spotify Global daily chart at number 17 is a testament to the song’s widespread appeal. “The Code” joins the elite ranks of Eurovision winners like Sweden’s “Tattoo,” Italy’s “Zitti e Buoni,” and the Netherlands’ “Arcade,” becoming only the fourth Eurovision-winning song to make the Top 20 of that chart.

Record-Breaking Streams

With 3,756,700 streams, “The Code” has also secured its place among the highest number of plays in a single day for a Eurovision song. Nemo’s total is now the fifth highest, trailing behind hits like Sweden’s “Tattoo,” Italy’s “Zitti e Buoni” and “Brividi,” and Finland’s “Cha Cha Cha.”

Dominating European Spotify Charts

“The Code” didn’t just make waves globally; it also made a significant impact on Spotify’s daily charts across Europe. The song soared up the charts in 30 countries, hitting the Top 5 in many and claiming the number 1 position in seven: Austria, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine.


Tripling Streams Post-Eurovision

The popularity of “The Code” on Spotify has seen the song’s streams triple from what they were before the Grand Final. As of now, the song boasts an impressive 28,794,240 streams. In the week ending Friday, 17 May, “The Code” racked up 16,626,628 streams, landing it at number 44 on the Top 50 most listened-to songs worldwide.

Conquering Official Singles Charts

Success on Spotify has translated into significant achievements on official singles charts across Europe. In Switzerland, Nemo has scored a much sought-after number 1 single with “The Code.” The song has also made the Top 10 in Lithuania (3), Finland (5), Sweden (5), and Iceland (9).

Top 20 Entries Across Europe

Elsewhere in Europe, “The Code” has achieved notable chart positions, peaking at number 13 in the Netherlands and Norway, 14 in Germany, 15 in Belgium, 17 in Ireland, and 18 in the United Kingdom. Remarkably, it becomes only the eighth Eurovision winner of the 21st century to hit the Top 20 of the British singles chart.

Swiss Pride and Record Viewership

Back in Switzerland, Nemo’s success has been celebrated with enthusiasm. Broadcaster SRF reported an average viewing figure of 614,000 for the Grand Final, with a peak of 800,000 viewers. This marks a 29.5% increase from the previous year, reflecting the high level of interest in Switzerland’s first Eurovision win this century.


Record-Breaking Semi-Final Viewership

The Second Semi-Final, from which “The Code” qualified, also saw impressive viewership numbers, peaking at 472,000 – the highest audience SRF has ever reported for a Eurovision Semi-Final.

YouTube Sensation

Nemo’s Grand Final performance has also become a hit on YouTube. Uploaded to the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel on the evening of Saturday, 11 May, the video surpassed 10 million views in less than 24 hours. As of now, the views have doubled, reaching 20 million.


Overall Eurovision Streaming Success

The success of “The Code” is part of a broader trend. On Sunday, 12 May, all 37 songs competing in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest collectively achieved over 28.5 million streams on Spotify. For the first time ever, nine Eurovision songs registered over a million streams on the platform in one day.

400 Million Milestone

By the end of the week, the 37 songs of the 2024 Contest collectively surpassed the 400 million milestone on Spotify. This remarkable achievement underscores the enduring popularity and influence of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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A Bright Future for Eurovision

With numbers this impressive, it’s clear that Eurovision continues to be a powerful platform for showcasing musical talent from across Europe. The “Class of 24” has proven that they can captivate audiences far and wide, breaking records and setting new standards.


Nemo’s triumph with “The Code” is more than just a Eurovision victory; it’s a testament to the universal appeal of their music. From dominating streaming platforms to topping charts across Europe, Nemo has proven that they have indeed mastered the code for success. As we look forward to future Eurovision contests, the achievements of “The Code” set a high bar for what’s possible.


Q1: What was Nemo’s significant achievement at Eurovision 2024?

Nemo became the first non-binary artist to win the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “The Code.”

Q2: How many streams did “The Code” garner on Spotify the day after the Grand Final?

“The Code” garnered 3,756,700 streams on Spotify the day after the Grand Final.

Q3: In which countries did “The Code” reach number 1 on Spotify daily charts?

“The Code” reached number 1 in Austria, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Q4: How did “The Code” perform on the official singles charts in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, “The Code” achieved the number 1 position on the official singles charts.

Q5: How many views did Nemo’s Grand Final performance garner on YouTube within 24 hours?

Nemo’s Grand Final performance surpassed 10 million views on YouTube within 24 hours.

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