Trista Sutter Special Forces: Ashley Iaconetti’s Speculations

Ashley Iaconetti, known for her time on The Bachelor franchise, recently sparked a wave of speculation regarding Trista Sutter’s whereabouts. Iaconetti’s curiosity piqued during an episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast she co-hosts with Ben Higgins. The podcast episode aired on May 15, and Iaconetti’s observations have led fans to believe that Trista Sutter might be participating in the show Special Forces. Let’s dive into the details and explore why Iaconetti thinks Trista is filming the show and what this could mean for the reality TV star.

Ashley Iaconetti’s Observation

A Cryptic Instagram Post

Iaconetti began her speculation based on a cryptic post by Trista’s husband, Ryan Sutter, on Mother’s Day. The post hinted at Trista Sutter being away from their children, Maxwell and Blakesley, for two weeks. Ryan’s message was heartfelt, mentioning that sometimes being a mom involves letting go to foster independence and courage.

A Mother’s Day Mystery

Ryan’s post conveyed a strong sense of pride and support for Trista, suggesting that her absence was for something significant. The message ended with a loving tribute, but it left fans wondering where Trista Sutter could be and what she was doing during this time away.

Connecting the Dots

Similar Posts from Other Bachelorettes

Iaconetti also noted that former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky shared a similar post, indicating she would be away from her family for a while. Fedotowsky’s post mentioned not having access to her phone, which further fueled the speculation about a new filming project.

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Special Forces Speculation

Given the timing and nature of these posts, Iaconetti suggested that Trista Sutter and possibly Ali might be filming for the show Special Forces. This reality series involves rigorous physical and mental challenges modeled after the U.S. Special Forces training.

Guest Insights on the Podcast

Bob Guiney’s Take

During the podcast, guest Bob Guiney, who appeared on the inaugural season of The Bachelorette with Trista, chimed in with his thoughts. While Guiney couldn’t confirm Trista’s involvement in the show, he didn’t dismiss the possibility either, adding to the intrigue.

Ben Higgins’ Remarks

Co-host Ben Higgins highlighted how Bachelor Nation has a history of performing well on Special Forces. He mentioned former Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s impressive performance in season one, as well as other Bachelor Nation alumni who have made it far on the show.

The Significance of Trista’s Potential Participation

A Continuation of Bachelor Nation’s Success

If Trista Sutter is indeed filming Special Forces, it would continue the tradition of Bachelor Nation stars excelling in this challenging environment. Trista Sutter, known for her perseverance and determination, could very well shine on the show.

A Testament to Trista’s Strength

Trista’s participation would also be a testament to her physical and mental strength. Competing on a show like Special Forces requires immense resilience, something Trista Sutter has demonstrated throughout her time in the public eye.

What is Special Forces?

A Brief Overview

Special Forces is a reality TV series that premiered in 2023. It challenges contestants with tasks and training exercises similar to those used in the actual U.S. Special Forces selection course. The show tests the participants’ physical endurance, mental toughness, and teamwork skills.

Format and Rules

There are no formal eliminations on Special Forces. Instead, contestants may withdraw voluntarily, be medically withdrawn, or be disqualified if they fail to complete a task. The aim is to endure and complete the entire course, which is a significant achievement.

Bachelor Nation’s Track Record on Special Forces

Hannah Brown’s Victory

Hannah Brown, a former Bachelorette, was one of only two participants to complete the course in the first season of Special Forces. Her victory showcased the grit and determination often seen in Bachelor Nation contestants.

Season Two Performers

In the second season, several other Bachelor Nation stars, including Tyler Cameron and Nick Viall, reached the final stages of the show. Their performances solidified Bachelor Nation’s reputation for producing resilient and competitive participants.

What Could This Mean for Trista?

A New Challenge

For Trista Sutter, participating in Special Forces would be a new and exciting challenge. It would allow her to push her limits and demonstrate her capabilities in a demanding environment.

Expanding Her Horizons

Trista’s involvement in Special Forces could also expand her horizons beyond her reality TV beginnings. It would show her versatility and willingness to take on diverse and challenging projects.

The Impact on Her Family

Support from Ryan and the Kids

Ryan’s supportive post suggests that Trista has her family’s full backing in this endeavor. His words highlighted the importance of setting an example for their children and embracing challenges.

Temporary Sacrifices for Long-Term Gains

While Trista’s time away might be difficult for her family, it could lead to long-term gains in terms of personal growth and achievement. Her participation would also serve as a powerful example to her children about pursuing one’s goals.

Why Fans Are Excited

Anticipation and Speculation

Fans are buzzing with anticipation and speculation about Trista’s potential involvement in Special Forces. The mystery surrounding her absence has only heightened interest and excitement.

A Reunion with Bachelor Nation

If Trista joins Special Forces, it would be a reunion of sorts with other Bachelor Nation alumni. This dynamic adds an extra layer of intrigue and appeal to the show.


Ashley Iaconetti’s speculation about Trista Sutter filming Special Forces has certainly piqued interest and sparked conversations among fans. While nothing is confirmed yet, the clues and cryptic posts point towards an exciting possibility. If Trista is indeed participating, it would be a significant and inspiring journey for her, reflecting her strength and determination. We’ll have to wait and see if these speculations turn out to be true and if Trista will continue Bachelor Nation’s legacy of excellence on Special Forces.


1. What is Special Forces?

Special Forces is a reality TV series that challenges contestants with rigorous physical and mental tasks modeled after U.S. Special Forces training.

2. Why do fans think Trista Sutter is on Special Forces?

Fans speculate Trista Sutter is on Special Forces due to cryptic social media posts by her husband, Ryan Sutter, and similar posts by other former Bachelorettes.

3. Has Trista Sutter confirmed her participation in Special Forces?

No, as of now, Trista Sutter has not confirmed her participation in Special Forces.

4. What is the significance of Bachelor Nation’s involvement in Special Forces?

Bachelor Nation contestants have a history of performing well on Special Forces, showcasing their resilience and competitive spirit.

5. How long is Special Forces filming expected to last?

While the exact duration is not specified, contestants are typically away for several weeks to complete the tasks and training exercises on Special Forces.

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